About Us

Daniel has practiced acupuncture for the past 30 years. Daniel earned his Master’s Degree at South Baylo University. He specialized in women’s health and pain management. He has a firm belief that empowering his patients with knowledge and working with them as partners will help them reach their best health. Daniel’s friendliness is what makes him distinguished from others. He is almost too convivial not to be your ‘Amigo’. Daniel currently holds an MSTOM (Masters in Traditional Oriental Medicine) and is a California Board Certified Licensed Acupuncturist.


Everyone at Daniel Acupuncture is highly trained and licensed. Most of time our acupuncturists will use distal point methods to make the treatment process easy. We will offer the best in acupuncture, herbal therapy, and other pain management services to the whole community

  • William Kim

    Founder of William Kim Acupuncture Masters Degree of Oriental Medicine from Samra University Doctorate from Yuin University Specializes in Detox and Natural therapy

  • Steven Lee

    Licensed Acupuncturist Master Degree of South Baylo University

  • Chung Han

    Licensed Acupuncturist Master Degree of South Baylo University

  • Lucas Han 韩哲洙 院长

    Licensed Acupuncturist Master Degree of Dongguk University Los Angeles